Miss. Srey Pich

Srey Pich is an energetic five year old girl from the Bantey Mean Chhey Province. She lives with her father, mother and two siblings. Her father is a laborer at the Long Keur Market and her mother is a housewife. Even though she lives in very poor conditions, she is blessed to be able to attend public school.

On April 19 Srey Pich was travelling with her family to her grandfather’s funeral, with the entire family together on a small motorbike, when a dog ran in front of them and caused them to crash into the pavement. Srey Pich was sitting in front of her father on the motorbike, without a helmet. For these reasons she sustained the worst injuries among the members of her family.

She was admitted to the World Mate Emergency Hospital with a head trauma, as well as injuries to her foot and hand. Despite missing several weeks of school, she was very brave and was able to recover completely from her wounds. Srey Pich’s story is a very common one at the World Mate Emergency Hospital and highlights the dire need that exists in Cambodia for better road traffic safety.